What is SRACLC?

The Special Recreation Association of Central Lake County was formed in 1976 as a cooperative effort of Member Agencies with the purpose to provide year round community based recreation services to individuals with disabilities and their families. Member Agencies provide the primary source of operational revenue through a property tax levy available to park districts and municipalities who have entered into a cooperative agreement, or through a general fund.

Mission Statement

The Special Recreation Association of Central Lake County provides recreation programs and services to individuals with special needs or disabilities, and their families, who reside within the boundaries of Member Agency communities.

Vision Statement

To be a respected leader through the provision of high quality community based recreation experiences that enrich the quality of life for our participants and their families.


  • SRACLC will implement and maintain a broad base of recreation programming encompassing sports, cultural arts, social, and leisure independence.
  • SRACLC will assist its cooperative Member Agencies and to the populations they serve.
  • SRACLC will operate and provide recreation services utilizing sound fiscal management.
  • SRACLC will comply with federal, state, and local mandates.
  • SRACLC will actively market and promote its services to the community.
  • SRACLC will maintain and assist its Foundations and its fundraising efforts.


What Families are Saying

“Thank you SRACLC for all the wonderful programs you provide for our kids. Our son Joey has participated in so many of the programs you offer, from Special Olympics sporting events, Teens on the Town, all of the dances, summer camp and all the other fun programs too numerous to list. He has made wonderful friends and gained great self esteem through all these programs. The staff’s wonderful support and encouragement has been such a positive influence on our child and the way he handles everyday issues. As parents of a special needs child, the benefits you provide through your programs have been outstanding and we cannot thank you enough!” ~ The Hanson Family, Hawthorn Woods