Programs & Services

SRACLC offers nearly 600 weekly programs, special events, and camps during the year. The Association utilizes local park districts, recreation departments, schools, and private facilities for programming purposes. Program areas and services provided include:

  • Youth Programs
  • Teen Programs
  • Teen/Adult Programs
  • Adult Day Programs
  • After School Programs
  • Outings for Seniors
  • Financial Assistance
  • Inclusion Assistance
  • Special Events
  • Special Olympics
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Vacation/Overnight Trips
  • Weekly Programs

Types of assistance that SRACLC can provide are:

  • In-service training for recreation staff, including ideas for activity adaptations, behavior management techniques, information on disabilities, etc.
  • Recruitment of volunteers or specialized staff.
  • Consultations or observations at programs.

Inclusion in Community Programs
SRACLC understands that not every person with a special need must participate in special recreation. SRACLC staff can help with questions regarding the appropriateness of any individual’s participation in local recreation programs. SRACLC Member Agencies are committed to the provision of recreational services to all residents.

SRACLC intends to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. For more information please call 847-816-4866.

Would you like a member of the SRACLC staff to speak to your group or business? If so, please contact the SRACLC Director at 847-816-4866.