Atalanto-Axial Instability*

Individuals with Down Syndrome are at risk of having a condition known as Atlanto-Axial Instability (AAI). This condition allows for the increased laxity of ligaments involving the top bones of the neck. In a number of individuals with Down Syndrome, the movement between the first and second cervical vertebrae is abnormally increased and may lead to pressure on the spinal cord. Undue pressure on this area may cause severe injury.

It is an SRACLC policy that any individual with Down Syndrome is required to have a doctor’s written note on file stating the person is free of AAI if that person wishes to participate in any program with a potential to cause undue stress upon the neck. Programs with the * sign are identified as those requiring the AAI test. SRACLC will also be offering other programs that are not by inherent nature of the activity at risk for undue pressure upon the neck. However, the nature of play is active participation. Please take this into consideration when enrolling your child into a program and inform staff if the condition is present.

Please call SRACLC at 847-816-4866 for more information.