Inclusion Services

Happy Boy in stroller Apple PickingSRACLC offers nearly 500 recreation programs per year for people of all ages and ability. SRACLC believes in equal opportunity for all and everyone should be allowed to participate at their highest desired level.

SRACLC and their Member Agencies provide inclusion services to individuals with disabilities wishing to participate in the Park District and Village recreation programs at no additional cost to the family. Inclusion services may include, when necessary, staff training, program modifications/adaptations, adapted equipment, additional staff, and program observations.

Requesting Inclusion Services
When registering for a Park District or Recreation Department program for the first time:

  • Mark the ADA accommodation section on the registration form to indicate that you are requesting a possible accommodation.
  • Once your registration form is submitted, the Park District or Recreation Department will contact you to discuss the type of inclusion support that may be needed for the participant.
  • The Park District or Recreation Department will provide SRACLC with a formal inclusion request that contains both program and participant information.
  • You will be contacted by your Recreation Department or Park District to discuss the needs of the participant and get input on the type of support required.
  • SRACLC will work with the Park District or Recreation Department to put the necessary inclusion accommodations in place for participation in the desired program(s).
  • Communication between you, SRACLC, and the Park District or Recreation Department staff continues throughout the Inclusion process.

Accommodations may be in the form of additional staff, adaptive equipment, or activity adaptations. For further information please contact our Inclusion Coordinator at