Sensory Room

The Special Recreation Association of Central Lake County opened the SRACLC-Mitsubishi Electric Sensory Room: Illumi*Nation in August of 2019. Illumi*Nation is a Multi-Sensory environment that provides opportunities for individuals to explore and enjoy new stimulating experiences. Low and high tech equipment is used to foster  sensory stimulation through the use of diverse sounds, lights, textured surfaces and more! The room is equipped with an array of sensory equipment that allows Recreation Therapists to create a uniquely designed environment for each participant. There are two programs offered for the Sensory Room: Sensory Therapy and Sensory Seekers – Virtual Punch Card. The Sensory Therapy program will consist of one-to-one sessions with a Recreation Therapist once a week for eight sessions. Individuals enrolled in these program sessions will be required to complete an initial assessment to ensure that sessions can be designed and customized to each participant’s specific needs. The Sensory Seekers – Virtual Punch Card offers eight opportunities for participants to schedule drop-in sessions on Saturdays for unstructured sessions.

Why Sensory Therapy?

  • Improves memory recall
  • Decreases stress, anxiety, and frustration
  • Improves motor-planning and hand-eye coordination
  • Promotes cognitive development
  • Improves ability to respond appropriately to sensory stimuli
  • Reduces disruptive, violent, and aggressive behaviors
  • Increases one’s ability to cope
  • Enhances ability to stay focused and attentive
  • Improves fine and gross motor skills