Participant Forms

Paper Registration Form

Registration Form

Medication Dispensing- SRACLC staff may dispense medication only if the following procedures have been completed:

  • A current Permission for Medication Dispensing form is completed and signed by parent/guardian.
  • All medication must be delivered directly to the SRACLC Office and packaged in individual dosage amounts labeled per dosing time and day.
  • Dosage, time, and potential side effects are clearly noted.
  • All of the above information must be delivered to the SRACLC office at least two days prior to the onset of the program.
  • SRACLC staff will not administer medications that are not approved through the FDA.

DO NOT send any medication information to your child’s school with expectations that it be given to SRACLC.

SRACLC staff may under no circumstances perform an injection or any other medically invasive procedure. Download Form 

Annual Information Form
SRACLC requires all participants to complete a yearly Annual Information Form (AIF). The form provides staff with valuable information which allows SRACLC to conduct its activities in the safest possible manner and to meet the basic needs of participants. Download Form

Day Camp Parent Packet
Once a child/teen is registered for summer camp, SRACLC asks that each family complete the parent packet. Each parent packet includes a Parent Camp Guide, Directions & Maps, Authorization for Pick-Up Form, Medication Dispensing Information and Waiver, Parent Questionnaire, and Annual Information Form. Download Form

Financial Aid Application
The commitment of SRACLC and the Member Agencies is to provide all individuals considered “residents” the opportunity for participation in SRACLC programs. Financial Aid must be requested in writing each program season. Individuals seeking financial assistance should contact the SRACLC Director, John Buckner, for more information regarding the process and deferred payment Options. Download Form

Alcohol Waiver
Participants who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages, at designated programs, may do so with a signed waiver and will be limited to two beverages. The individual will need to bring a photo ID with them to the program. Download Waiver

Seizure Waiver
Please complete a our Seizure Waiver and Questionnaire with the Annual Information Form above, if applicable. If you are interested in learning about our Seizure Waiver, please contact our office at (847) 816-4866 or

Code of Conduct
The primary purpose of this code of conduct is to establish a standard for athlete and parent/guardian behavior that will ensure the safety and well being of all athletes, parents/guardians, coaches, and volunteers involved in training and competition. All athletes and parents/guardians are expected to abide to this code of conduct. Download Form

Special Olympics Application for Participation

All Crusader athletes must have a valid Special Olympics Medical Form for Participation on file with Special Olympics Illinois. All forms must be completed and signed by a doctor to be considered valid. Applications must be valid from the start of practice through the last tournament date for each sport in which the athlete competes. All athletes are required to sign a Special Olympics Consent form. Please download these forms below.
Athlete Medical Form

Once complete, submit to the SRACLC office and SRACLC will file with Special Olympics Illinois.