Our Team

Administration Staff

John Buckner, CPRP* - Director

Supervision of Recreation Managers and Marketing Manager, Business and Fiscal Management, Member Agency Board Liaison, Association Operations, Legal Communications and Administrative Requirements, Foundation Advisor, PDRMA Board Representative.


Carolyn Chambers - Marketing Manager
Brochure Development, Marketing, Agency Fundraising, Supervision of Website, Wellness Ambassador, and Assistant to the Director.


Kris Miller - Administrative Assistant
Registration, Invoicing, Reception, and Office Support


Amy Tasker - Administrative Assistant
Registration, Reception, and Office Support


Recreation Staff

Kelly Smith, CTRS** - Recreation Manager
Supervision of Recreation Coordinator and Specialists, Human Resource, Risk Management, Program Development and Scheduling, Foundation President, and Program Leadership.


Cassie Wodrich, CTRS - Recreation Manager
Supervision of Recreation Coordinator, Specialist, and Office Staff, Internship Coordinator, Parent Advisory Committee, Program Development and Scheduling, and Program Leadership.


Kara Miller, CTRS, Recreation Coordinator 
Program Leadership, Inclusion Coordinator, Sensory Room Coordinator, Recruitment and Placement of Part-time Leaders, Staff, and Volunteers.


Courtney North, Recreation Coordinator
Program Leadership, Active Adult and Day Trippers Program Development, Facility Coordinator, Vehicle Safety and Maintenance, and Group Home Liaison.


Angelica Alanis, Recreation Specialist 
Program Leadership, Special Olympics and Teen/Adult Weekly Program Development, Assist with Day Camp. 


Katie Owen, Recreation Specialist
Program Leadership, Adult and Teen/Adult Special Event Program Development, Assist with Day Camp, and Sensory Room Committee.


Jessie Silva, Recreation Specialist
Program Leadership, Youth and Teen, Family, and Pop-Up Program Development, Day Camp Coordinator, and Leisure Education.


*CPRP – Certified Parks and Recreation Professional **CTRS – Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

SRACLC wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to the many terrific staff and volunteers who assisted at our Programs and Special Events. We are grateful for all of your dedication and enthusiasm.

Seasonal Staff Members

Phil Andino
Hailey Basina
Ayden Boudreaux
Kaley Buchman
Alex Buerger
Carolynne Burk
Gabrielle Bye
Christoper Carlsen
Joci Chavarria
Teresa Davis
Kelsey Delahunty
Meghan Delahunty
Caroline Ewing
Kyle Fiorelli
Megan Fosco
Jeremy Franzen
Jon Gonzalez
Katelyn Goldberg
Kat Hamilton
Anushka Hebbar
Emily Huse
Ritika Kanapareddy
Aditi Kapoor
Abigail Koifman
Emma Kuhnke
Stevie Kunz
Amanda Langford
Allie Lichtenstein
Brittany Linhart
Kat Llanes-Smith
Bridget Marshall
Kristin Matson
Emily McHugh
Abigail Mendoza
Jamie Miller
Alex Mitchell
Megan Nielsen
Tim Nockels
Michelle Pappageorge
Jovan Perez
Julie Peterson
Kelly Petrillo
Kaelyn Pirtle
Liz Reynolds
Steffanie Richardson
Madyson Russo
Kelly Schufreider
Emily Smith
Pat Smith
Piper Starr
Addy Stobart
Emily Stone
Megan Swirsley
Joanna Tapia
Sandra Thomas
Karyna Vickers
Vivian Villa
Robin Villanueva
Runa Zaman
Brynn Ziemke


Susan Berns
Julie Bond
Liza Bravine
Doug Cline
Erica Collins
Olivia Collins
Vanessa Collins
Patty Hintzman
Daniel Kang
Wendy Miller
Finn O’Malley
Tessa Stobart
Anne Wunderlich
Jim Wunderlich